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ESPE 3760
Survey of Exceptionalities
ESPE 4050
Behav Mgmt of Stu with Except
ESPE 4200
Critical Profess. Components
ESPE 4300
Introduction to Assessment
ESPE 4400
Methods-Student Signif. Needs
ESPE 4450
ABA for Teachers
ESPE 4500
Tchng Lrng Strat Stdnt w/Excep
ESPE 4550
Secondary Instruction
ESPE 4600
Wrkng/Fam of Stu w/Exceptional
ESPE 4912
Practicum I in Spec Ed
ESPE 4913
Practicum I in Special Ed
ESPE 4914
Practicum II in Special Ed
ESPE 4915
Practicum III in Special Ed
ESPE 4924
CTEL Professional Internship
ESPE 4982
CTEL Bachelor's Comp Exam
ESPE 6050
Adv Stdy Beh Mngmnt Std/Excep
ESPE 6060
Adv Stdy Prob/Iss in ECSE
ESPE 6100
Students with Special Needs
ESPE 6200
Adv.St.of Sp.Ed-Crit.Prof.Comp
ESPE 6300
Adv. Assess. Diverse Learner
ESPE 6400
Adv. Method Stu Signif. Needs
ESPE 6500
Adv Stdy Tchng/Lrning Strtgy
ESPE 6600
Adv Tech Wrking w/Families
ESPE 6800
Adv Study Teaching Math & Read
ESPE 6914
Adv. Practicum
ESPE 6924
Prof Intern in Spec Educ
ESPE 7000
Issues and Trends in SpEd
ESPE 7200
Policies and Practices in Spec
ESPE 7700
Technology for Inclusion
ESPE 7800
Adv Study of Literacy Programs
ESPE 7902
Adv Studies in Spec Ed
ESPE 7914
Ed Spec Practicum in Spe Ed
ESPE 7915
Education Specialist Practicum
ESPE 7952
Seminar in Special Education
ESPE 7982
CS Master's Comp Exam in Sp Ed
ESPE 7995
Research in Specl I
ESPE 7996
Research in Specl II
ESPE 8982
CS Ed Spec Comp Exam in Sp Ed
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