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ECED 3890
Fundamentals of Counseling
ECED 3950
Counseling Seminar
ECED 4250
Diversity Issues of Families
ECED 6130
Introduction to Play Therapy
ECED 6140
Advanced Play Therapy
ECED 6220
Prof Orien. School Counsel
ECED 6250
Cult Iss of Family in Distress
ECED 6260
Career Dev. and Voc. Assess.
ECED 6270
Counseling Diverse Populations
ECED 6280
Helping Relationship: Theory I
ECED 6290
Counseling Theory and Prac. II
ECED 6300
Group Dyn. and Proc. in Couns.
ECED 6310
Clin Consult Superv & Prog Pl
ECED 6320
School Couns. & Program Plan
ECED 6330
Individual and Group Appraisal
ECED 6340
Counseling Children & Adol
ECED 6350
Human Growth and Development
ECED 6360
Assess-Diag of Abnormal Behav
ECED 6370
Addiction Counseling Ind Study
ECED 6380
Disaster & Crisis Intervention
ECED 6410
Couples and Family Counseling
ECED 6440
Human Sexuality & Mental Hlth
ECED 6510
School Crisis Plans
ECED 6902
Studies in Counselor Education
ECED 6914
Practicum in Counseling
ECED 6923
Supervision- Group Leadership
ECED 6924
Counseling Internship I
ECED 6925
Counseling Internship II
ECED 7230
Spirituality in Counseling
ECED 7300
Grief Counseling
ECED 7420
Early Childhood Mental Health
ECED 7560
Research & Eval in Coun Prog
ECED 7600
Supervision in Counseling
ECED 7902
Advanced Studies in Counseling
ECED 7923
Advanced Counseling Leadership
ECED 7926
Adv Internship in Counseling I
ECED 7927
Adv Internship Counseling II
ECED 7952
Advanced Seminar-Counseling
ECED 7982
Master's Comp Exam in Counsel.
ECED 8982
Ed.S. Comp Exam in Counseling
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