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COMM 1010
Intro to Human Communication
COMM 1017
Intro to Human Comm-Honors
COMM 2100
Media and Culture
COMM 2120
Wi Film Appreciation
COMM 2130
Small Group Communication
COMM 2212
Public Speaking
COMM 2703
Media Writing I
COMM 2743
Media Writing II
COMM 2763
Digital Audio Production
COMM 2783
Digital Video Journalism
COMM 2914
Journalism Practicum
COMM 3000
WI Intercultural Communication
COMM 3003
Oral Interpretation
COMM 3120
WI Interpersonal Communication
COMM 3130
Sports Communication
COMM 3210
Horror Film
COMM 3300
Radio Drama
COMM 3743
Adv. Media Writing Feature
COMM 3753
Advertising Media
COMM 3760
Digital Video Production I
COMM 3763
Video Production II
COMM 3800
Public Relations I
COMM 3843
Writing for Public Relations
COMM 3900
WI Documentary Film
COMM 3914
Media Practicum
COMM 4010
WI Public Argumentation
COMM 4130
WI Media Research Methods
COMM 4733
Video Editing NonLinear
COMM 4770
Broadcast Media Management
COMM 4800
Public Relations II
COMM 4820
Media Law and Ethics
COMM 4900
Ind Study: Wartime Radio Drama
COMM 4924
Media Internship
COMM 6330
Sp: Comm Media Effects
COMM 6900
Media Law & Ethics
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