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CLLS 3013
Laboratory Techniques
CLLS 3103
Immunology and Serology
CLLS 3153
Clinical Immunohematology I
CLLS 3203
Urinalysis and Body Fluids
CLLS 3243
Clinical Hematology I
CLLS 3303
Clinical Microbiology I
CLLS 3313
Clinical Microbiology II
CLLS 3353
Clin. Parasit. and Myco. I
CLLS 3403
Clinical Instrumentation I
CLLS 3433
Methods of Drug Analysis
CLLS 3443
Clinical Chemistry I
CLLS 3503
Perspectives in CLS
CLLS 4040
Comprehensive Review
CLLS 4054
CLLS 4080
WI Lab. Manage. & Educ.
CLLS 4114
Clinical Serology
CLLS 4163
Clinical Immunohematology II
CLLS 4174
Clin. Immunohematology III
CLLS 4214
Clinical Urinalysis
CLLS 4263
Clinical Hematology III
CLLS 4274
Clinical Hematology IV
CLLS 4323
Clinical Microbiology III
CLLS 4334
Clinical Microbiology IV
CLLS 4364
Clin. Parasit. and Myco. II
CLLS 4453
Clinical Chemistry II
CLLS 4463
Clinical Chemistry III
CLLS 4474
Clinical Chemistry IV
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