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PHED 1003
Active Auburn
PHED 1200
Cardioresp Fit: Puppy Play
PHED 1220
Cardio Respiratory: Circuit Training
PHED 1230
Cardio Respiratory: Jogging
PHED 1240
Cardio Respiratory: Swim for Fitness
PHED 1250
Cardio Respiratory: Water Aerobics
PHED 1263
Military Fitness for Everyone
PHED 1300
Fitness And Cond: CrossFit
PHED 1340
Fitness: Weight Training
PHED 1350
Fitness Weight Training Women
PHED 1360
Fitness: Weight Training II
PHED 1383
Kettlebell Training
PHED 1393
Weight Management
PHED 1400
Team Sports: Badminton
PHED 1410
Team Sports: Basketball
PHED 1450
Team Sports: Volleyball
PHED 1510
Individual Sports: Bowling
PHED 1520
Individual Sports: Golf
PHED 1530
Individual Sports: Golf II
PHED 1550
Individual Sports: Tennis
PHED 1600
Performance Act:Stress Reducti
PHED 1630
Perform Act: Tae Kwondo (beg)
PHED 1640
Performance Activity: Yoga
PHED 1700
Aquatics: Scuba 2
PHED 1710
Aquatics: Beginning Kayaking
PHED 1720
Aquatics: Advanced Kayaking
PHED 1740
Aquatics: Lifeguard Training
PHED 1750
Aquatics: Beginning Swimming
PHED 1760
Aquatics: Scuba
PHED 1800
Varsity Sports: STRNG & COND
PHED 1810
Varsity Men's Sports: Football
PHED 1820
Varsity Men's Sports: Basketball
PHED 1830
Varsity Men's Sports: Track
PHED 1840
Varsity Men's Sports: Cross Country
PHED 1850
Varsity Men's Sports: Swimming and Diving
PHED 1860
Varsity Men's Sports: Golf
PHED 1870
Varsity Men's Sports: Tennis
PHED 1880
Varsity Men's Sports: Baseball
PHED 1900
Varsity Women's Sports: Soccer
PHED 1910
Varsity Women's Sports: Gymnastics
PHED 1920
Varsity Women's Sports: Basketball
PHED 1930
Varsity Women's Sports: Track
PHED 1940
Varsity Women's Sports: Cross Country
PHED 1950
Varsity Women's Sports: Swimming and Diving
PHED 1960
Varsity Women's Sports: Golf
PHED 1970
Varsity Women's Sports: Tennis
PHED 1980
Varsity Women's Sports: Softball
PHED 1990
Varsity Women's Sports: Volleyball
PHED 2100
Wheelchair Sports for Everyone
PHED 2200
Self Defense for Women
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