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HIST 1503
World History to 1500
HIST 1513
World History since 1500
HIST 1543
Honors World History to 1500
HIST 1903
Survey of American History
HIST 2003
United States History to 1877
HIST 2013
United States History since 1877
HIST 2043
Honors United States History to 1877
HIST 2153
Introduction to Arkansas History
HIST 2203
Introduction to Public History
HIST 2513
Sources and Methods in History
HIST 3013
Colonial America
HIST 3023
The Era of the American Revolution
HIST 3033
The Early American Republic
HIST 3043
Civil War and Reconstruction
HIST 3063
The Gilded Age/Progressive Era, 1877-1914
HIST 3073
The United States: 1914-1945
HIST 3083
The United States: 1945-Present
HIST 3103
The Old South
HIST 3123
The New South
HIST 3223
Local and Oral History
HIST 3243
Archive and Manuscript Management
HIST 3273
Digital History
HIST 3313
Colonial Latin America
HIST 3323
Modern Latin America
HIST 3423
History of the Middle Ages, 300-1300
HIST 3433
The Renaissance and European Expansion, 1300-1550
HIST 3443
The Reformation and Early Modern Europe, 1500-1688
HIST 3463
The Enlightenment, French Revolution, and Napoleonic Eras
HIST 3483
Reaction and Reform, 1815-1871
HIST 3513
Europe Since 1939
HIST 3533
History Of Russia
HIST 3563
History of England
HIST 3603
History of Modern East Asia
HIST 3613
History of Japan
HIST 3633
History of China
HIST 3703
History of Modern Africa
HIST 3803
History of the Middle East
HIST 4013
American Military History
HIST 4023
Vietnam War
HIST 4033
The Frontier in American History
HIST 4093
American Culture Since 1800
HIST 4103
American Political Ideas
HIST 4123
African American History
HIST 4133
Latinos in the United States
HIST 4143
Native American History
HIST 4153
History of Arkansas
HIST 4163
American History through Film
HIST 4183
American Legal History
HIST 4193
American Labor History
HIST 4203
Women In American Hist
HIST 4213
Southern Women's History
HIST 4233
American Political Thought
HIST 4293
Historic Preservation
HIST 4403
Interpretation/Education through Museum Methods
HIST 4503
History of Christianity
HIST 4714
Social Studies Methods for Secondary Teachers
HIST 4813
World War II
HIST 4953
Ur:Stonewall Jackson 1860-1863
HIST 4963
Senior Seminar
HIST 4973
HIST 4983
Sem: Local History
HIST 4991
Sp: Death At The Priory
HIST 4993
Sp: Pandemics In World History
HIST 5403
Interpretation/Education Through Museum Methods
HIST 5983
Sem: Local History
HIST 6003
Historical Methods
HIST 6013
Sem Us: Cold War America
HIST 6033
Rdg: The West In Am History
HIST 6053
HIST 6413
Research Seminar in Modern European History
HIST 6433
Rdg Mod Eur: Span Emp
HIST 6533
Sem:Chinese-American Relations
HIST 6543
Rdg: World History Theories
HIST 6893
Ind: Ancient Greek Historians
HIST 6991
Thesis Research
HIST 6992
Thesis Research
HIST 6993
Thesis Research
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