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HIST 1002
Introduction to the African Diaspora
HIST 1111
Survey of World History I
HIST 1112
Survey of World History II
HIST 1151
Honors Survey of World Hist II
HIST 2111
Survey of American History I
HIST 2112
Survey of American History II
HIST 2115
African American History
HIST 3206
Slavery in Ancient and Modern Worlds
HIST 3301
Historical Methods I
HIST 3302
Historical Methods II
HIST 3404
Diplomatic History of the United States
HIST 3406
Directed Reading in European History
HIST 3511
Modern Europe I
HIST 3516
The Intellectual Tradition of Modern Europe
HIST 3519
The Age of European Renaissance, Reformation and Reconnaissa...
HIST 3631
History of Latin America
HIST 3633
The Revolution in Modern History
HIST 4301
Senior Seminar I
HIST 4302
Senior Seminar II
HIST 4403
The Afro-Americans in America Thought
HIST 4404
The History of the South
HIST 4406
The Civil Rights Era
HIST 4612
Studies in African Diaspora
HIST 4820
Special Topics in History
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