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TEL 101
Prof Ed: Student Experience (SEM)
TEL 102
Pro Ed: My Network Footprint
TEL 111
Exploration of Education
TEL 194
Topic: MLFTC Experience I
TEL 200
Social Embeddedness
TEL 201
Pro Ed: My Community Footprint
TEL 212
Understand/Culturally Diverse
TEL 215
Intro to Child&Adolescent Dev
TEL 300
Community, Family & Education
TEL 313
Technology Educational Setting (LEL)
TEL 315
Child & Adolescent Development
TEL 400
Innovation in Ed Endeavors
TEL 404
Issues in Ed&Policy Reform US
TEL 405
History of Ed&Policy Reform US
TEL 410
Leadership and Advocacy in Ed
TEL 430
Learning Outside of School
TEL 431
Learning in Workplaces
TEL 492
Honors Directed Study
TEL 493
Honors Thesis
TEL 499
Topic: Athletes as Leaders in Education
TEL 504
Learning and Instruction
TEL 505
American Educational Policy
TEL 595
Continuing Registration
TEL 598
Topic: Current Issues in Ed Leadership
TEL 701
Advanced Quantitative Methods (LEL)
TEL 702
Dynamic Contexts of Education
TEL 703
TEL 707
Reading the Research
TEL 711
Strategies for Inquiry
TEL 712
Mixed Methods of Inquiry (SEM)
TEL 713
Advanced Qualitative Methods
TEL 780
Topic: Survey Development
TEL 790
Reading and Conference
TEL 791
Topic: Innovations in Disseminating Research
TEL 792
Research (RSC)
TEL 799
Dissertation (RSC)
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