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STP 226
Elements of Statistics
STP 231
Statistics for Biosciences
STP 280
Probabilty Statistics Research
STP 281
Stat Analysis for Researchers
STP 310
Design/Analysis of Experiments
STP 311
Regression & Time Series Anal
STP 315
Statistical Computing
STP 420
Introductory Applied Statistic
STP 421
STP 425
Stochastic Processes
STP 427
Mathematical Statistics
STP 429
Applied Regression
STP 450
Nonparametric Statistics
STP 451
Quality Improvement
STP 452
Multivariate Statistics
STP 485
Statistics Capstone (LEL)
STP 492
Honors Directed Study
STP 493
Honors Thesis
STP 494
Topic: Predictive Analytics
STP 499
Individualized Instruction
STP 501
Theory of Statis I: Dist Thry
STP 502
Theory of Stats II: Inference
STP 505
Bayesian Statistics
STP 526
Theory/Statistic Linear Models
STP 527
Statistical Large Sample Thry
STP 530
Applied Regression Analysis
STP 531
Applied Analysis of Variance
STP 532
Applied Nonparametric Stats
STP 533
Applied Multivariate Analysis
STP 535
Applied Sampling Methodology
STP 540
Computational Statistics
STP 560
Experimental Statis in Biology
STP 584
STP 590
Reading and Conference
STP 591
Topic: RTG:Data-Oriented Mathematical and Statistical Sci
STP 592
STP 593
Applied Project
STP 595
Continuing Registration
STP 598
Topic: Causal Inference
STP 599
STP 784
STP 792
Research (RSC)
STP 795
Continuing Registration
STP 799
Dissertation (RSC)
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