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SHS 101
American Sign Language I
SHS 102
American Sign Language II
SHS 105
Survey Communication Disorders
SHS 201
American Sign Language III
SHS 202
American Sign Language IV
SHS 205
Exploring Comm Disorders
SHS 230
Peering into the Human Brain
SHS 250
Introduction to Phonetics
SHS 310
Anatomical/Physio Bases Speech
SHS 311
Hearing Science
SHS 350
Brain Memory and Language
SHS 367
Language Science
SHS 375
Speech Science
SHS 401
Principles of Audiology
SHS 402
Clinic Mthds/Treat Comm Disord
SHS 461
Accent Modification
SHS 465
Speech/Language Acquisition
SHS 470
Develop Speech/Lang Disorders
SHS 473
Treatment Plan Implementation
SHS 483
Professional Issues in SLPA
SHS 484
SHS 485
Acquired Speech/Lang Disorders
SHS 492
Honors Directed Study
SHS 493
Honors Thesis
SHS 494
Topic: ASL Classroom Assistant
SHS 496
Aural Rehabilitation
SHS 498
Topic: Advanced Research Experience in Speech/Hearing Sci
SHS 499
Individualized Instruction
SHS 500
Research Methods
SHS 501
Introduction to Audiology
SHS 502
Basic Audiometry
SHS 504
Amplification I
SHS 508
Pediatric Audiology
SHS 510
Amplification II
SHS 511
Aud Perception-Hear Impaired
SHS 512
Mgmt Med Speech-Lang Pathology
SHS 513
Neurophysiology Auditory Sys
SHS 516
Auditory Evoked Potentials (LAB)
SHS 517
Balance Assessment
SHS 518
Auditory Rehabilitation
SHS 520
Aud Path/Disords & Otoneuro Ap
SHS 522
Hearing Conserv/Instrument
SHS 525
Audiology Practice Management
SHS 526
Launch to Clinic
SHS 538
Clinical Methods in SLP (LEL)
SHS 539
Professsional Issues inSLP (LAB)
SHS 542
Applied Rsch Meth Neurosc
SHS 543
Functional Neuroimaging Lang
SHS 552
Physio Measure Auditory Functn
SHS 555
Cochlear Implants
SHS 565
Speech/Language Acquisition
SHS 567
Neural Bases Comm Disorders
SHS 571
Augmentative Comm/Lang Prog
SHS 572
Lang Assess/Intervent Infants
SHS 573
Lang Assess/Intervent Sch Age
SHS 574
Voice and Swallowing Disorders
SHS 575
Aphasia/Neurogenic Lang Disord
SHS 576
Neuromotor Speech Disorders
SHS 577
Current Research in Autism
SHS 578
Fluency Disorders
SHS 580
Topic: Advanced Clinical Rotations (PRA)
SHS 581
Right Hem Syn/Brain Inj/Dement
SHS 582
Diff Diagnosis Comm Disorders
SHS 584
Topic: Bilingual SLP (PRA)
SHS 585
Artic/Phonology: Assess/Interv
SHS 586
Language Essentials Teach Read
SHS 587
Lang Assess/Interv Preschool
SHS 588
Spanish Language Acquisition (SEM)
SHS 589
Audiology Grand Rounds (SEM)
SHS 590
Reading and Conference
SHS 592
SHS 593
Topic: Applied Projects
SHS 597
Bilingual SLP (SEM)
SHS 598
Topic: Speech and Audio Processing and Perception
SHS 599
SHS 701
Sci Writing and Presentation I (SEM)
SHS 702
Sci Writing & Presentation II (SEM)
SHS 790
Topic: Writing Group
SHS 792
SHS 799
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