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SCM 300
Global Supply Operations
SCM 303
Honors Global Supply Operation
SCM 314
Analytics for Logistics
SCM 315
Business Decision Models
SCM 344
Applied Logistics Management
SCM 345
Logistics Management
SCM 354
Procurement of Services
SCM 355
Supply Management
SCM 385
Business & Sustainability I
SCM 432
Control Sys-Supply Chain Mgmt
SCM 440
Quality Management/Measurement
SCM 445
Advanced Logistics Management
SCM 455
Research and Negotiation
SCM 463
Global Supply Chain Management
SCM 479
Supply Chain Strategy
SCM 485
Business and Sustainability II
SCM 492
Honors Directed Study (RSC)
SCM 493
Honors Thesis
SCM 494
Topic: Public & Non-Profit Procurement
SCM 501
Fund of Ops&Supply Chain Mgmt
SCM 502
Operations & Supply Chain Mgmt
SCM 515
Decision Mod-Supply Chain Mgmt
SCM 516
Descrptv&Predctv Sup Chn Anlyt
SCM 517
Data-Driven Quality Management
SCM 518
Analytical Decision Modeling I
SCM 519
Analytical Decision Model II
SCM 520
Strategic Procurement
SCM 521
Supply Management/Negotiation
SCM 532
Supply Chain Cost/Design Issue
SCM 541
Logistics in the Supply Chain
SCM 542
Lgstc, Glob, & Econ Developmnt
SCM 545
Cases in Global Logistics
SCM 551
Operations Planning/Execution
SCM 581
Mgmt of Technology/Innovation
SCM 587
Project Management
SCM 591
Topic: Sustainability and Social Responsibility
SCM 593
Topic: Project Management & Corporate Projects I
SCM 791
Topic: Empirical Research
SCM 792
SCM 795
Continuing Registration
SCM 799
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