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GRA 101
Designing Life
GRA 111
Graphic Design History I
GRA 112
Graphic Design History II
GRA 121
Principles Graphic Design I (STO)
GRA 122
Principles Graphic Design II (STO)
GRA 220
Design Drawing I (STO)
GRA 221
Letterform (STO)
GRA 222
Visual Communication I (STO)
GRA 223
Typography (STO)
GRA 224
Visual Communication II (STO)
GRA 225
Comm/Interaction Design Theory
GRA 294
Topic: InDesign
GRA 321
Technology for Design I (STO)
GRA 322
Technology for Design II (STO)
GRA 345
Design Rhetoric
GRA 361
Visual Communication III (STO)
GRA 362
Visual Communication IV (STO)
GRA 401
Creative Environment
GRA 421
Exhibit Design (STO)
GRA 422
Motion Graphics/Intractn Desgn (STO)
GRA 423
Advanced Interaction Design
GRA 424
Advanced Media (STO)
GRA 440
Finding Purpose
GRA 461
Visual Communication V (STO)
GRA 462
Visual Communication VI (STO)
GRA 464
Collaborative Design Develop I
GRA 465
Collaborative Design Dev II
GRA 484
Internship (PRA)
GRA 492
Honors Directed Study (RSC)
GRA 493
Honors Thesis (RSC)
GRA 494
Topic: Street Art as Visual Text
GRA 499
Individualized Instruction (IND)
GRA 501
Creative Envir & Collab Leader
GRA 521
Adv Vis Com Des Studio I (STO)
GRA 522
Adv Vis Com Des Studio II (STO)
GRA 526
Visiting Designers (SEM)
GRA 561
Methods in Visual Comm I (STO)
GRA 562
Methods in Visual Comm II (STO)
GRA 563
Thesis Document Design (STO)
GRA 581
Internship in Teaching Design (STO)
GRA 584
GRA 590
Topic: Core Visual Communication Design Studio I (RSC)
GRA 598
Topic: Advanced Motion Graphic Interaction Design
GRA 621
Adv Vis Com Des Studio III (STO)
GRA 622
Adv Vis Com Des Studio IV (STO)
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