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DCE 100
Introduction to Dance
DCE 110
Argentine Tango I (STO)
DCE 111
Belly Dancing l (STO)
DCE 112
Capoeira I (STO)
DCE 115
Yoga I (STO)
DCE 116
T'ai Chi Chuan I (STO)
DCE 117
Feldenkrais I (STO)
DCE 118
Yoga/Pilates (STO)
DCE 120
Modern Dance I (STO)
DCE 121
Ballet I (STO)
DCE 122
Jazz I (STO)
DCE 123
Hip Hop I (STO)
DCE 124
Latin/Swing/Ballroom I (STO)
DCE 125
Latin/Salsa I (STO)
DCE 126
Country-Western (STO)
DCE 130
First-Year Movement Pract I (STO)
DCE 131
First-Year Movement Practi II (STO)
DCE 133
Urban Movement Practices I (LEL)
DCE 134
Postmodern Contemporary I (STO)
DCE 135
Contemporary Ballet I (STO)
DCE 136
Somatic Practices I (LEL)
DCE 160
First-Yr Creative Practices I (STO)
DCE 161
First-Yr Creative Practices II (STO)
DCE 170
First-Year Seminar I
DCE 171
First-Year Seminar II
DCE 194
Topic: Salsa l
DCE 201
Dance, Culture&Global Contexts
DCE 202
Dance in U.S. Popular Culture
DCE 203
Walk this Way
DCE 210
Argentine Tango II (STO)
DCE 211
Raqs Sharqi II (STO)
DCE 216
T'ai Chi Ch'uan II (STO)
DCE 220
Modern Dance II (STO)
DCE 221
Ballet II (STO)
DCE 223
Hip Hop II (STO)
DCE 224
Latin/Swing/Ballroom II (STO)
DCE 225
Latin/Salsa II (STO)
DCE 230
2nd-Yr Movement Practices I (STO)
DCE 231
2nd-Yr Movement Practices II (LEL)
DCE 233
Urban Movement Practices II (LEL)
DCE 234
Postmodern Contemporary II (STO)
DCE 235
Contemporary Ballet II (STO)
DCE 236
Somatic Practices II (LEL)
DCE 240
Media for Dance
DCE 260
2nd-Yr Creative Practices I (STO)
DCE 261
2nd-Yr Creative Practices II (STO)
DCE 270
Second-Year Seminar I (SEM)
DCE 271
Second-Year Seminar II (SEM)
DCE 294
Topic: Yoga II
DCE 300
Moving Histories
DCE 301
Meaning in Motion
DCE 303
The Body Condition(ed) (LEL)
DCE 324
Latin/Swing/Ballroom III (STO)
DCE 330
3rd-Yr Movement Practices I (LEL)
DCE 331
3rd-Yr Movement Practices II (LEL)
DCE 333
Urban Movement Practices III (STO)
DCE 334
Postmodern Contemporary III (STO)
DCE 335
Contemporary Ballet III (STO)
DCE 336
Somatic Practices III (LEL)
DCE 338
Urban Mvmnt Practices Ensemble (LAB)
DCE 350
Classroom Learning Through MVT (LEL)
DCE 354
Creative Approach Tchng Dan 1 (STO)
DCE 356
Creative Approach Tchng Dan 2 (LEL)
DCE 360
Third-Yr Creative Practices I (LEL)
DCE 361
3rd-Yr Creative Practices II (LEL)
DCE 394
Topic: Latin/Salsa III
DCE 402
Ethnography of Dance Practices (LEL)
DCE 404
Dance and Ethics
DCE 405
Rhetorical Moves (LEL)
DCE 438
Dance Theatre Performance/Prod
DCE 460
Transition Project I (STO)
DCE 461
Transition Project II (STO)
DCE 484
DCE 492
Honors Directed Study
DCE 493
Honors Thesis
DCE 494
Topic: Interactive Performance Design
DCE 499
Individualized Instruction
DCE 501
Philosophy of Dance
DCE 505
Rhetorical Moves (LEL)
DCE 530
Grad Mvt Practices I (STO)
DCE 531
Graduate Movement Practices II (LEL)
DCE 534
Postmodern Contemporary (STO)
DCE 535
Contemporary Ballet (STO)
DCE 536
Somatic Practices (LEL)
DCE 554
Teaching Praxis I (STO)
DCE 560
Grad Creative Practices I (STO)
DCE 561
Grad Creative Practices II (STO)
DCE 571
Graduate First-Yr Seminar II (SEM)
DCE 580
Topic: Practicum in Dance (LAB)
DCE 583
DCE 584
DCE 590
Reading and Conference
DCE 591
DCE 593
Applied Project
DCE 598
Topic: Interactive Performance Design Seminar
DCE 634
Postmodern Contemporary (STO)
DCE 654
Teaching Praxis II (STO)
DCE 656
Teaching Praxis III (STO)
DCE 657
Pedagogical Res and Fldwrk (RSC)
DCE 660
Grad Creative Practices III (STO)
DCE 661
Graduate Creative Practices 4 (LEL)
DCE 671
Graduate Second-Yr Seminar II (SEM)
DCE 680
DCE 683
DCE 691
DCE 693
Topic: Applied Proj:MFA Performance
DCE 695
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