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CHM 101
Introductory Chemistry
CHM 111
Gen Chem Lab for Majors I (LAB)
CHM 112
Gen Chem Lab for Majors II (LAB)
CHM 113
General Chemistry I
CHM 114
General Chemistry for Engrs
CHM 116
CHM 117
CHM 118
Gen Chemistry for Majors II
CHM 191
Topic: Chemistry Topics (SEM)
CHM 231
Elementary Organic Chemistry
CHM 233
General Organic Chemistry I
CHM 234
General Organic Chemistry II
CHM 235
Elementary Organic Chem Lab (LAB)
CHM 237
Gen Organic Chemistry Lab I (LAB)
CHM 238
Gen Organic Chemistry Lab II (LAB)
CHM 240
Math Methods in Chemistry
CHM 294
Topic: Chemistry/Biochemistry Advisor Assistant
CHM 302
Environmental Chemistry
CHM 303
Environmental Chemistry Lab (LAB)
CHM 325
Analytical Chemistry
CHM 326
Advanced Analytical Chem Lab (LAB)
CHM 327
Instrumental Analysis
CHM 328
Instrumental Analysis Lab (LAB)
CHM 341
Elementary Physical Chemistry
CHM 343
Elementary Physical Chem Lab (REC)
CHM 345
Physical Chemistry I
CHM 346
Physical Chemistry II
CHM 348
Physical Chemistry Lab I (REC)
CHM 349
Physical Chemistry Lab II (REC)
CHM 385
CHM 392
Intro to Research Techniques (RSC)
CHM 394
Topic: Chemistry, Science, & Communication
CHM 433
Advanced Organic Chemistry I
CHM 435
Medicinal Chemistry
CHM 452
Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory (LAB)
CHM 453
Inorganic Chemistry
CHM 460
Biological Chemistry
CHM 471
Solid-State Chemistry
CHM 480
Methods of Teaching Chemistry
CHM 481
CHM 484
Internship (RSC)
CHM 489
Field Geochemistry (LEL)
CHM 492
Honors Directed Study (RSC)
CHM 493
Honors Thesis (RSC)
CHM 494
Topic: Stat. Mech. II: Stochastic processes & inference
CHM 499
Individualized Instruction (IND)
CHM 501
Topic: Geo/Environmental Sem
CHM 520
Chemical Biology
CHM 524
Separation Science
CHM 531
Advanced Organic Chemistry I
CHM 535
Medicinal Chemistry
CHM 541
Advanced Thermodynamics
CHM 546
Molecr Spectroscopy/Group Thry
CHM 553
Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
CHM 571
Struct, Bond, Symmetry in Mtls
CHM 584
Internship (RSC)
CHM 590
Reading and Conference (RSC)
CHM 591
Topic: Inter to Medicinal Chemistry (SEM)
CHM 592
Research (RSC)
CHM 593
Topic: Applied Projects (RSC)
CHM 594
Topic: Modeling Instruction in Chemistry I (RSC)
CHM 595
Continuing Registration (RSC)
CHM 598
Topic: Data-Driven Inference & Stochastic Processes
CHM 599
Thesis (RSC)
CHM 784
Internship (RSC)
CHM 790
Reading and Conference (RSC)
CHM 792
Research (RSC)
CHM 795
Continuing Registration (RSC)
CHM 799
Dissertation (RSC)
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