PSY 480 - Forensic Psychology

The major goal of this course is to provide a broad overview of the field of forensic and the numerous ways that psychology interacts with the law. The discipline of forensic psychology has become extremely popular for students over the past two decades, in part because of numerous TV programs addressing the topic such as: Law & Order, CSI, Criminal Minds, to name a few. Forensic psychology courses are being taught in numerous universities and there are now over 20 graduate programs in the United States offering doctorates in either forensic psychology or psychology and law. A good understanding of forensic psychology will benefit students entering into a number of professions including: corrections, child protective services, probation, mental health, forensic sciences, the law, etc. Forensic psychology addresses the application of psychological research, methods, and expertise to issues that come before the legal system. Some topics include, insanity, competency, jury-selection, expert-testimony, decision making, child custody, dangerousness, and interrogations. Class Notes: **Course Requisites: PSY 381, PSY 150A1.
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