PSY 300 - Cognitive Neuroscience: A Guide to Mind and Brain

This course is, in essence, a user guide to your brain. How do you store a lifetime of memories, make difficult decisions, and understand and generate language? What factors drive how you perceive the world and engage in a wide range of motor actions from taking a single step to dancing? What enables you to feel emotions and understand what others are thinking? The main objective of this course is for you to advance your knowledge of how the brain supports these cognitive abilities and others. Major topics will include sensation and perception, motor control, attention, learning and memory, language, executive functions, and social cognition. To cover these topics, you will be exposed to multiple methods for studying the brain, including a variety of modern brain imaging techniques as well as examination of individuals with brain lesions.Cognitive neuroscience is one of the most fascinating and active fields of research today. By the end of this course, we hope that you will have a better understanding of this rapidly advancing field, what we presently know, and what big questions are still under scientific investigation. Class Notes: **Course Requisites: PSY 101 or PSY 150A1, and PSY 230, PSY 290A.
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