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HUSV 301
Introduction to Human Services
HUSV 310
Identity, Positionality & Cultural Humility
HUSV 326
Research Methods in Social Sciences
HUSV 347
Interpersonal Relationships in Human Services
HUSV 357
Managing Death and Loss in Human Services
HUSV 367
Spirituality in Human Services
HUSV 371
Parent, Family, and Community
HUSV 373
Early Childhood Environments
HUSV 375
The Impact of Early Adversity on Child Development
HUSV 403
Integrative Health and Human Services Advocacy
HUSV 404
Health and Wellness in Human Services
HUSV 405
Introduction to Advocacy
HUSV 410
Introduction to Group Procedures and Theory
HUSV 420
Introduction to Crisis Intervention
HUSV 425
Introduction to Coordination of Care in Behavioral Health
HUSV 430
Substance Abuse Theory and Counseling
HUSV 440
Introduction to Psychopathology
HUSV 450
Human Services: Multicultural Perspective
HUSV 491
Preceptorship in Human Services
HUSV 493
Internship in Human Services
HUSV 498
Senior Capstone
HUSV 499
Independent Study
HUSV 511
Understanding the Modern United States Military Family
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