ENVS 530R - Environmental Monitoring and Remediation

Designed to provide the graduating students and interested graduates with a combination of lectures, labs and field trips that describe relevant topics in environmental monitoring, characterization and remediation. The topics covered include: basic statistics, data quality, field surveying, near-surface air measurement, automated data acquisition, soil, vadose zone and groundwater sampling and monitoring, soil and water biological properties, including pathogen monitoring and remote sensing. This course focuses on hands-on, laboratory and field experiences design to help the student better understand the principles of and the tools necessary for environmental monitoring. Basic principles and reviewed during lecture as necessary to assist the student in connecting theory with hands-on experiences in the lab and the field. Students are required to complete several problems, review publications, and write weekly or bi-weekly reports that summarize each of the nine topics covered, their laboratory/field trip experiences, and provide answers to questions and exercises. Graduate-level requirements include an independent project for an additional 100 points. This project will consist of either a research paper or a special field/data collection/report on topics agreed upon. The exact format and length of this project is to be determined. Class Notes: **Course Requisites: Concurrent registration, SWES 530L.
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