ENVS 530L - Environmental Monitoring and Remediation Lab

The laboratory/field trip part (SWES 430L/530L) focuses on hands-on, laboratory and field experiences design to help the student better understand the principles of and the tools necessary for environmental monitoring. Basic principles and reviewed during lecture (SWES 430R/530R) as necessary to assist the student in connecting theory with hands-on experiences in the lab and the field. Students are required to complete several problems, review publications, and write weekly or bi-weekly reports that summarize each of the nine topics covered, their laboratory/field trip experiences, and provide answers to questions and exercises. Graduate-level requirements include completion of an independent project for an additional 100 points. This project will consist of either a research paper or a special field/data collection/report on topics agreed upon. The exact format and length of this project is to be determined. Class Notes: **Course Requisites: Concurrent registration, SWES 530R.
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