ENVS 498A - Senior Capstone: Introduction to Research I

This is an undergraduate research course designed to promote students' engagement in scientific inquiry and in the application of the course contents in understanding and solving environmental issues, which in turn prepare them for specialized work and/or graduate school. In this course, students engage in developing an original research proposal by selecting a research area, a research approach, and an advisor of their choice. Research approaches covered in this course include local field observation and experimentation, laboratory experimental and observation, resource analysis, survey, database research, GIS, and environmental action plans. Each student works with a UA faculty members as a primary advisor, and a specialized non-faculty or subject expert can serve as a second advisor. The student could work with a graduate student who is performing research supervised by the UA faculty member. A student is responsible for finding an advisor; however, the Department of Soil, Water, and Environmental Science Program can assist in choosing an advisor if needed. Enrollment Requirements: Senior status only.
Engagement: Discovery Engagement: Sustainability
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