ENVS 491 - SWES Senior Preceptorship

This Preceptorship Program involves specialized work on an individual basis, consisting of instructional support both in and out of the classroom, by assisting enrolled students in the better understanding of the target course content for either ENVS 401 Sustainable Management of Arid Lands & Salt Affected Soils, ENVS 408 Scientific Writing for Environmental Science, ENVS 415 Translating Environmental Science, ENVS 420 Environmental Physics, ENVS 425 Environmental Microbiology, ENVS 430R/L Environmental Monitoring and Remediation, ENVS 431 Soil Genesis, ENVS 462 Env. Soil and Water Chemistry, ENVS 464 Env. Organic Chemistry, ENVS 480 Env. Assessment, or ENVS 482 Reclamation and Redevelopment Impacted Lands. Class Notes: **Course Requisites: Senior status with completion or concurrent enrollment in one or more of the following required courses listed in the dept curriculum: ENVS 401, ENVS 408, ENVS 415, ENVS 420, ENVS 425, ENVS 430R/L, ENVS 431, ENVS 462, ENVS 464, ENVS 480, or ENVS 482.
Engagement: Leadership Engagement: Professionalism
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