ENVS 479 - Economics of Water Management and Policy

This course focuses on economic optimization and other methods useful for water management and policy design. Topics include optimal use of water as an input in producing crops, energy, recreation, habitat and other ecosystem services; water demand and supply; water quality; water pricing and conservation incentives; policies governing water rights and allocation for environmental needs; managing water shortage risks; and economic models of water conflict and bargaining over water. Interactive seminar style course. Calculus proficiency and regular attendance essential. Class Notes: **Course Requisites: One semester of college calculus. One of the following courses: MATH 113, MATH 116, MATH 122B, MATH 125. Enrollment Requirements: Major in College of Engineering or major/minor in ABEM, ENVS, EWRE, HWRS, NTRS, or WSM. Junior or Senior status. MATH 113, MATH 116, MATH 122B, or MATH 125 (or AP credit for Calculus AB or BC).
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