ENVS 170A1 - Introduction to Environmental Science

This course will not be confined to one discipline but rather will include information from physics, chemistry, biology and the social sciences such as economics and anthropology. The central theme of the course will be that of change as a normal and natural process. It will consist of four major focus areas: Biodiversity, Pollution, Population, and Resources. Within each major focus area we shall explore how change has and is occurring at the local, regional and global scales. To facilitate the learning process we shall analyze local, national and international case histories. The case histories would include air pollution at the Grand Canyon, TCE groundwater contamination in Tucson, landfill and leaking underground storage tanks in Tucson, Chernobyl, and the Mt. Graham controversy. Enrollment Requirements: Enrollment barred if you've taken NATS101 "Earth Envr:Intr Phys Geo", "Intro to Environ Sci", "Intro to Global Change", "Sci, Tech & Environ", "Sustain Society", or 'Energy Sys & Sustainability" or ABE170A2, CHEE170A1, GC170A1, GEOG170A1, or MSE170A2.
Equivalency Mutually Exclusive Gen Ed: Tier 1 Natural Sciences/170
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