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ACBS 583 - Principles of Applied Primate Behavior and Captive Management

In this course students will learn about the evolutionary history and adaptations of the major groups of primates as a foundation for understanding primate behavior, and assessing normal vs abnormal behavior in captivity. Specifically, students will learn to use their knowledge of the naturalistic ecology, biology, behavior and psychology of nonhuman primates to understand and evaluate behavior of primates and their use in a variety of captive settings, including zoos, research facilities, and sanctuaries. Students will also become conversant with the history and present-day issues and concerns about primates in captivity, including methods of assessing primate welfare, and legislation governing their housing, handling and welfare. Lastly students will explore the major ethical issues and debates surrounding captive primates. Throughout the course, students will be challenged to use their growing understanding as a basis for recommending improvements in primate captive management practices. Class Notes: **Course Requisites: 3 units of Ecology (e.g., ECOL 182R) or Biological Anthropology (e.g., ANTH 364).
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