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ACBS 570 - Interactions of Animals, Humans, and Ecosystems

Students will learn about comparative nutrition and its role in health and disease, and the interactions between diet, micro, and macro environments and health. Students will study the basic science of plants, their environment and nutritional value that affect animal, public and ecosystem health and analyze policies and programs promoting plant and animal-based food safety and global food security. Students will learn the principles of One Health and learn the basic principles of epidemiology and apply them to public and animal health disease outbreaks, such as zoonotic, vector-borne, emerging, and food-borne causes. Students will also analyze how government policies and programs impact the delivery of health systems for animals and people and critically analyze the root causes of disease and apply knowledge of biosciences to disease prevention. Lastly, students will learn about the role of animals as they relate to ecosystem health such as environmental resources and the management of those resources (i.e. rangeland, ecosystem restoration, conservation vs. preservation, native lands, etc.).In addition to exams given after each module, graduate students will be required to complete a case study for each module of the course. The goal of the case studies is to promote a deeper level thinking which includes a detailed analysis and critical evaluation of each assigned case study. Graduate students will complete a case study, demonstrating their ability to apply principles taught during this course. Case studies will be evaluated based upon logical reasoning, demonstrated understanding of the concepts conveyed and knowledge of why these concepts are important in animal and biomedical systems.
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