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ACBS 532 - Comparative Immunology

How have vertebrate immune systems evolved from simple origins? We will cover comparative immunology of prokaryotes, protozoans, plants, fungi, invertebrates, and "lower" vertebrates. By studying the origins and evolution of immunity across the history of life, and following the progression of immune system complexity across different lineages, we begin to see patterns that help explain how our immune system developed from those of our ancestors. Such comparative study will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of our immune system, and point to ways in which other organisms have overcome the same pathogenic stresses we currently face. This class will pull together data from many fields, including immunology, molecular and cell biology, ecology, and evolution. Graduate students will prepare and give one oral presentation of a specific topic to the class, which will be graded. Enrollment Requirements: MCB 181R and MCB 181L, ECOL 182R and ECOL 182L, or instructor consent.
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