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ACBS 500A - Animal Anatomy and Physiology

This is one of two 3-unit lecture/demonstration courses which comprise a 2-semester sequence of animal anatomy and physiology course work which is required for graduation with a major in Veterinary Science. They may be completed in any order. The anatomy portion of these courses is not a traditional type anatomy course which requires that the student name each and every vessel or muscle, etc. and where it originates and terminates. It is more a treatise on "functional anatomy" which will give the learner an appreciation of how the body component is put together (morphology) thus dictating how it may properly function (physiology). Emphasis is placed upon the systemic or whole animal operational levels rather than the precise biochemical and physical intricacies associated with the individual parts or cells which make up that whole. Students will gain an appreciation of how the various domestic species are put together and how they function and the interrelationships of the parts and systems which allow the individuals to thrive in their environment. Some consideration will also be given to what happens to the individual when form or function goes awry to illustrate the importance of the norm. Emphasis will be placed upon the common domestic and pet mammalian species with selected references to wild species, birds and primates where appropriate. Graduate-level requirements include a term paper (100 points) on a preapproved topic in anatomy or physiology and a final comprehensive oral exam (100 points).
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