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ACBS 464B - Physical Sciences for One Health

Provide students with a working knowledge of the application of the principals of physics and chemistry as they pertain to veterinary sciences. This the second half of a two-semester course that will be based on animal systems. This course will pick up where 464A left off, but will be focused more on the biochemistry and biochemical mechanisms that underlie metabolism, homeostasis, acid base interactions, and common causes of metabolic diseases. Fundamental chemistry topics including but not limited to, reaction kinetics, activation energy, binding affinity, pH, buffers, and oxidation/reduction potential will be covered as they pertain to the animal systems. By breaking down the class into animal systems students will understand the chemical relationships within and between systems, from the DNA/RNA level with proteins and phenotypes to the basic underlying chemical mechanisms, maintenance of biological fluids. The class will include the application of chemistry to the understanding of basic health, including immunology and vaccines, and how they are impacted by pharmaceutical agents and toxins. Interactions with biochemical pathways and physiological processes will also be covered. Where applicable One Health examples will be incorporated into the class, as will the knowledge of experimental models for research. Enrollment Requirements: ACBS 464A.
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