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LDRS 542 - Leading Across Cultures

In a pluralistic society, leaders are often tasked with the responsibility of bridging both domestic and international contexts in a convergence of global learning. This seminar will examine the historical, organizational, and interpersonal significance of leading across cultures, with particular emphasis on discerning the underlying values of community behaviors as well as the attitudes, beliefs, values, skills, knowledge, and self-awareness necessary for leaders to effectively serve in diverse contexts. A variety of theoretical, research and applied issues are addressed; in particular, the course aims to explore social location theory as a means of equipping graduates to advance equity and positive change through increased capacity for diversity engagement. Class Notes: Log into class on the first day of the session.Please go to for online class instructions and technical requirements. When registering for an online class, you must provide the university with a valid email address. To verify or update your email address, logon to and access the Personal Information section in your Student Center.Online asynchronous classes deliver 50% or more of their content in an online format but have no required live sessions. Students have a timeframe for participation each week, but they may contribute whenever they choose in accordance with course instructions. Some asynchronous courses may offer optional live sessions such as desktop video chats, but live, real-time class meetings are not required.
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