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GBBL 500
Elements of Greek Exegesis
GBBL 501
Torah and Prophets: Exodus-2 Kings
GBBL 510
New Testament Greek I
GBBL 511
Biblical Interpretation: Exploring Genesis
GBBL 512
The Gospels' Witness to Christ
GBBL 520
New Testament Greek II
GBBL 530
Hebrew I
GBBL 532
Paul the Pastor and Theologian
GBBL 540
Hebrew II
GBBL 551
Geographical and Historical Setting of the Bible
GBBL 552
Epistle to the Romans
GBBL 589
Bible Lands Study Tour
GBBL 631
Early Judaism: The Writings and the Dead Sea Scrolls
GBBL 641
Theological Themes of the Old Testament
GBBL 651
Scripture and Canon: The Formation of the Bible
GBBL 661
Women in the Bible and Church History
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