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EDCO 528
Community, Family, and School Collaboration
EDCO 533
Counseling Theories and Techniques
EDCO 534
Assessment, Measurements, and Testing of Individuals
EDCO 535
Professionalism, Ethics, and Law
EDCO 545
Positive Behavior Supports and Classroom Intervention
EDCO 549
Career Development Theories and Techniques
EDCO 550
Crisis/Trauma Response and Interventions
EDCO 555
Group Counseling Skills
EDCO 557
Human Growth, Development, and Learning
EDCO 564
School Counseling Fieldwork I
EDCO 568
School Counseling Fieldwork II
EDCO 571
Introduction to Clinical Practice: Basic Skills
EDCO 572
Psychobiology and Psychopharmacology
EDCO 573
Addictions, Assessment, and Interventions
EDCO 574
Introduction to Clinical Practice: Advanced Skills
EDCO 575
Clinical Practica
EDCO 579
Sociocultural Competence
EDCO 587
PPS Leadership, Ethics, and Professionalism
EDCO 592
Foundations and Ethics in Research
EDCO 593
Historical Development of School Counseling and School Psych...
EDCO 594
School Counseling Internship 1
EDCO 595
School Counseling Internship 2
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