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THR 2005
Page And Stage
THR 2009
The Stage Environment
THR 2010
The Theatre Experience
THR 2017
Theatre For Social Change
THR 2020
World Culture & Perf Studies
THR 2022
Cltvg Crtv Exprssn Thrgh Thtre
THR 2025
Musical Theatre: Hist & Apprec
THR 2030
Playback Theatre
THR 2101
Production Running Crew
THR 2214
Dance Production Basics
THR 2230
Scenery & Properties
THR 2235
Theatrical Costume & Makeup
THR 2240
Lighting & Sound
THR 2250
Stage Management
THR 2300
Acting For Non-Majors
THR 2445
Arts Mgt & Promotion
THR 2500
Media Relations In Theatre
THR 2610
Oral Interpretation
THR 2620
Acting I:Beginning Scene Study
THR 2625
Voice & Movement For Stage
THR 2629
Acting For The Camera
THR 2635
Stage Combat
THR 2850
Musical Theatre Study In Nyc
THR 3071
Teaching Theatre, 9-12
THR 3225
Advanced Stage Makeup
THR 3235
Scene Painting
THR 3445
Arts Management And Promotion
THR 3500
Special Topics In Theater Prod
THR 3520
Instructional Assistance
THR 3530
Acting In Musical Theatre
THR 3535
Crafts In Costume & Props
THR 3536
Intermediate Theatrical Dsgn
THR 3539
Theatre & Therapy
THR 3540
Production Dramaturgy
THR 3620
Acting II: Adv Scene Study
THR 3625
Advanced Voice Techniques
THR 3628
Acting For The Camera
THR 3630
Theatre Directing Techniques
THR 3635
Alexander & Adv Movement Tech
THR 3640
Solo & Group Performance
THR 3656
Theatr Perf Prod Yng Aud
THR 3670
THR 3679
THR 3730
Early Theatre History & Liter
THR 3735
Modern Theatre History & Lit
THR 3857
Teaching Theatre, K-5
THR 3858
Theatre Pedagogy Practicum
THR 4235
Scenic Painting
THR 4320
Acting III: Styles
THR 4357
Teaching Theatre, 6-8
THR 4509
Senior Honors Thesis/Proj Prep
THR 4510
Senior Honors Thesis/Project
THR 4840
THR 4850
Theatre Study In New York City
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