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SPE 3060
College And Beyond
SPE 3061
Career And Pract Living Skills
SPE 3274
Devel/Educ Assessment:Birth-5
SPE 3300
Creatng Inclsve Lrng Commnties
SPE 3310
Research & Issues Spec Educ
SPE 3350
Charact Theo & Diag Stud Ld
SPE 3360
Psychoedu Strat Spec Needs
SPE 3370
Intro Dev Disab:Gen & Adapted
SPE 3374
Assmt In Spec Educ
SPE 3380
Assistive Tech In Spec Educ
SPE 3500
Research Impl:Sgl Subj Methods
SPE 3530
Trans From School To Adulthood
SPE 3531
Disability Soc Justice Inclusn
SPE 3534
Myths/Realities Of Asd
SPE 3535
Sdap Seminar
SPE 3536
Soc Justice School/Society
SPE 4205
SPE 4215
Strategies For Tching Math
SPE 4225
Collab Relatships Spec Educ
SPE 4405
Strategies For Stud W/Disabi
SPE 4410
Indiv Assessmnt & Curric Adapt
SPE 4420
Methods For Students W/Disabil
SPE 4495
Practicum I
SPE 4496
Practicum II
SPE 4497
Practicum III
SPE 4570
Advoc & Legisl In Spec Educ
SPE 4601
Classroom Mgt & Pos Behav Supp
SPE 4705
Meth Students W/Disabi Gen
SPE 4900
Student Teaching Spec Ed
SPE 5030
Rsrch Informing Prac Spec Ed
SPE 5120
Eff Educ Pract Student Autism
SPE 5130
Autism Spect Dis:Contmp Issues
SPE 5205
SPE 5210
Psychoed Appr Emot/Behav Dis
SPE 5220
Char,Assm,Ident Indiv W/Sp Ld
SPE 5230
Assm Instr Indiv W/Intel Dis
SPE 5500
Char/Treatment Asd
SPE 5525
Product Of Learning
SPE 5536
The Nature Of Autism
SPE 5584
Special Ed Law & Leadership
SPE 5610
Classroom Mgt Eff Instruction
SPE 5626
Adv Studies Intellectual Dis
SPE 5630
Collaboration & Advocacy
SPE 5636
Adv St Specific Learn Disabil
SPE 5640
Trnstion Planning & Assessment
SPE 5646
Adv Stdy Emot Behav Disorder
SPE 6110
Literacy Instr Stu Challeng
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