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SNH 1010
Beginning Spanish I
SNH 1020
Beginning Spanish II
SNH 1030
Accelerated Begin Spanis
SNH 1040
Intermediate Spanish I
SNH 1050
Intermediate Spanish II
SNH 1060
Accelerated Interm Span
SNH 2005
Spanish Grammar In Context
SNH 2006
Spanish For Heritage Speakers
SNH 2010
Conversation & Composition
SNH 2021
Spanish For Hlthcre & Soc Serv
SNH 2025
Intro To Literature
SNH 3015
Select Of Spanish Lit I
SNH 3025
Select Of Snh-Amer Lit
SNH 3035
Span Phonetics & Diction
SNH 3050
Cult & Civil Of Spain
SNH 3055
Cult Civil Of Snh-Amer
SNH 3080
Adv Grammar & Composition
SNH 3350
Film In Contemporary Spain
SNH 3425
U.S. Hispanic Literature
SNH 3500
Chilean Culture & Society
SNH 3520
Instructional Asst
SNH 3530
Spanish Of The U.S.
SNH 4002
Latin American Thought
SNH 4003
Hispanic Short Fiction
SNH 4045
Theory & Pract Of Translation
SNH 4075
Advanced Conversation
SNH 4090
Business Spanish
SNH 4555
History Of Spanish Lang
SNH 4565
Adv Spanish Expression
SNH 5002
Mstrpcs Of Hispanic Art/Lit
SNH 5003
Hispanic Short Fiction
SNH 5005
20Th Century Hispanic Novel
SNH 5023
Poetry In Spain & Lat Am
SNH 5024
Theater & Perform Hisp World
SNH 5027
The Media Lat Am & Spain
SNH 5028
Seminar In Spanish Linguistics
SNH 5030
Lat Amer Thght Thr Lit & Film
SNH 5065
Sem In Hispanic Film & Literat
SNH 5075
Migration In Literature & Film
SNH 5500
Spanish-Criminal Justice Learn
SNH 5535
Sp Civil War In Lit & Film
SNH 5540
Eng-Span Code-Switching
SNH 5555
His Of The Spanish Lang
SNH 5565
Adv Spanish Expression
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