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SD 2400
Princ Sustainable Developmnt
SD 2610
Science For Sustainability
SD 2700
Development Theory & Practice
SD 2800
Env Justice & Sustainability
SD 3100
Principles Of Agroecology
SD 3125
Applied Farm Operations I
SD 3150
Soil & Soil Fertility Mgmt
SD 3170
Permaculture Design
SD 3200
Agroforest & Farm Forest Syst
SD 3250
Livestock Production & Mgmt
SD 3300
Farm Business Management
SD 3350
Contemp Issues Agricult Food
SD 3365
Conservation & Development
SD 3375
Sustain Econ & Comm Devel
SD 3475
Gender, Inequality & Sus Devel
SD 3500
Ecofeminism In Latin America
SD 3520
Instructional Assistance
SD 3530
On Farm Research
SD 3531
Practicum In Resilience
SD 3532
Practicum In Food Security
SD 3533
SD 3534
Natural Building
SD 3535
One Health
SD 3536
Sustainable & Creative Practic
SD 3538
Socio-Ecological Systems
SD 3539
Greenhouse Propagation & Prod
SD 3540
Practicum In Forest Management
SD 3541
Value Added Forestry
SD 3543
Agroecology Entrepreneurship
SD 3544
Animal Health
SD 3545
Outreach Skills For Sustain
SD 3546
Beauty & Sustainability
SD 3547
Food Security & Sovereignty
SD 3548
Land,Livelihood & Agrarian Dev
SD 3549
Climate, Migration, & Developm
SD 3575
Food Security & Sovereignty
SD 3580
Sustainable Devlpmt And Health
SD 3600
Environmental Humanities
SD 3610
Issues Environ Sustainability
SD 3675
Outreach Skills Sustainability
SD 3700
Environ & Dev In Global South
SD 3715
Literature & The Environment
SD 3750
Nature, Technology, & Env
SD 3800
Classics Sustainable Develop
SD 4100
Agroecology Pract Syst Philo
SD 4125
Applied Farm Operations II
SD 4150
Disaster And Development
SD 4200
Ecologically-Based Pest Mgmt
SD 4300
Politics Of Sustainable Devel
SD 4401
App In Sustainable Development
SD 4510
Honors Thesis/Project
SD 4530
Anthropology Of Development
SD 4548
Endogenous Devel: App To Ghana
SD 4550
Senior Seminar
SD 4900
SD 4910
Adv Int In Agroecology
SD 5100
Agroecology Pract Syst Philo
SD 5548
Endogenous Devel: App To Ghana
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