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RM 2100
Leisure In Society
RM 2110
Intro To Rec & Leisure
RM 2120
Ldrship Grp Dynamics Rec
RM 2130
Prin Commer Rec & Tourism
RM 2140
Nat Res: Becoming Inform Cit
RM 2210
Rec Site & Facility Management
RM 2220
Prin Outdoor Exper Educ
RM 2310
Intro To Admin Of Recreation
RM 2410
Rec Program Planning
RM 3140
Camp Management
RM 3151
Climbing Site Facilitation
RM 3152
Ropes Course Facilitation
RM 3153
Water-Based Paddlesports
RM 3154
Outdoor Exper Educ Lab
RM 3155
Wilderness First Responder
RM 3156
Wilderness 1St Aid Instructor
RM 3157
Environmental Education Skills
RM 3161
Swift Water Rescue
RM 3210
Inclusive Recreation
RM 3220
Pln Dsgn Leis Facilities
RM 3221
Aquatic Facility Management
RM 3222
Lifeguarding Instructor
RM 3235
Intro To Sport Mgt
RM 3236
Sports Officiating I
RM 3237
Sports Officiating II
RM 3241
Travel And Tourism
RM 3242
Tourism In Costa Rica
RM 3243
Cruise Line Indsty Cltrl Cntxt
RM 3315
Career Dev Leis Serv Rec
RM 3500
Research Methods II
RM 3520
Instructional Asst
RM 3530
Intro To Recreation Profession
RM 3531
Wildland Firefighting
RM 3532
Wilderness First Aid
RM 3533
Tourism Applab
RM 3534
Wilderness 1St Rspndr Re-Cert
RM 3537
Amga Single Pitch Instructor
RM 3543
Leave No Trace Trainer
RM 3545
Expeditioning In Canada
RM 3546
Labicyclists' Instructor
RM 3548
Water Safety Instructor
RM 3549
Sustainable Trail System Mgt
RM 3561
Leis Service Promotions
RM 3610
Financial & Risk Mgmt In Recre
RM 3630
Interpretive Methods
RM 3900
Recreation Practicum
RM 3910
Disney College Prog Practicum
RM 4110
Eval Rec/Leis Serv Mgt
RM 4140
Outdoor Leadership
RM 4210
Senior Seminar
RM 4450
Sem In Tourism Develop
RM 4900
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