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REL 1010
Religion & Imaginary Worlds
REL 1100
Religion & Contemporary Issues
REL 1110
Religions Of The World
REL 1115
Religion Goes To The Movies
REL 1120
Confronting Death
REL 2010
Old Testament: Jewish Script
REL 2020
New Testament
REL 2030
Islamic Literature
REL 2110
REL 2120
REL 2130
Islamic Religion & Culture
REL 2140
REL 2150
REL 2180
Life Without God
REL 2210
Gods, Ghosts & Ancestors
REL 2500
Compar Religion: Sacred Texts
REL 2530
Beginning Hebrew I
REL 2531
Beginning Hebrew II
REL 3010
Bibl Prophets: Justice & Hope
REL 3020
After Jesus: Paul To Christian
REL 3030
Gender, Sexuality & The Bible
REL 3040
Bible And Science
REL 3100
Church State In Latin America
REL 3110
Religion In America
REL 3120
African Thought
REL 3150
Religion, Culture & The Body
REL 3160
Life & Teachings Of Jesus
REL 3170
Religion And Violence
REL 3500
Data Analysis Religious Study
REL 3520
Instructional Assistance
REL 3530
Artificial Intelligence & Rel
REL 3531
Interm Biblical Hebrew
REL 3532
Intermediate Hebrew 1
REL 3560
Religion & Science Fiction
REL 3700
Theories Of Religion
REL 3710
Religion, Ecology & Biology
REL 3715
Biblical Interpretation
REL 3740
Religion And Social Theory
REL 3750
Minds, Brain, And Religion
REL 3760
Religion & Reason
REL 4015
Biblical Interpretation
REL 4510
Senior Honors Thesis
REL 4700
Artificial Intelligence & Rel
REL 4900
Religious Programming
REL 5400
Religion In Appalachia
REL 5649
Seminar-Teaching Islamic Civil
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