NUT 4900

GEN ED: Capstone Experience Field experience or employment in the area of the student’s concentration: dietetics (experience will be obtained in 2 areas: clinical, and either foodservice, or community) or foodsystems management. Supervision and evaluation by the employer and the faculty member. Prerequisites: A. 2.0 overall grade-point average B. College rank: seniors (at least 90 s.h. completed toward degree) C. NUT 4600 D. Major courses completed: 1. Dietetics: a. Clinical - Prerequisite: NUT 4250, AND b. Community - Prerequisites: NUT 3205, NUT 4560, OR c. Foodservice - Prerequisites: NUT 2203, NUT 3202; Prerequisites or Corequisites: NUT 4504, NUT 4509 2. Foodsystems Management: NUT 2202, NUT 2203, NUT 3202, NUT 4504, NUT 4509 E. Internship proposal fully approved Graded on an S/U basis. Contact hours requirement for three credit hours is 150 hours with 50 hours required for each additional credit. Nutrition and Health Care Management THE BEAVER COLLEGE OF HEALTH SCIENCES 411 APPALACHIAN STATE UNIVERSITY UNDERGRADUATE BULLETIN 2015-2016 HEALTH CARE MANAGEMENT (HCM)
Gen Ed Capstone Experience
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