NUR 4130 - Professional Nursing Capstone

GEN ED: Capstone Experience The Professional Nursing Capstone clinical course occurs over a 7 1/2 week block and is designed to prepare students for professional nursing practice through refinement of clinical and leadership nursing skills within the clinical setting. Students will integrate knowledge and skills from previous coursework and experiences in order to demonstrate achievement of course and program student learning outcomes. Students will complete precepted hours with a Registered Nurse in the clinical setting to gain experience and apply knowledge in the following nursing roles: Provider of Care; Designer, Coordinator and Manager of Care; Nursing Leader; and THE BEAVER COLLEGE OF HEALTH SCIENCES Nursing 406 APPALACHIAN STATE UNIVERSITY UNDERGRADUATE BULLETIN 2015-2016 Member of a Profession. Prerequisite: admission to the BSN degree program. Graded on S/U basis.
Gen Ed Capstone Experience
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