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NUR 3000
Nursing Informatics
NUR 3011
Concepts Of Prof Nursing
NUR 3021
Health Assessment
NUR 3031
Nursing Care Of Older Adults
NUR 3040
Pharmacology I
NUR 3050
Pharmacology II
NUR 3060
Nursing Pharmacotherapeut III
NUR 3100
Adult Health Nursing I
NUR 3102
Adult Health Nursing II
NUR 3110
Adlt Health Nursing I Clinical
NUR 3112
Adult Health Nursing II Clinic
NUR 3115
Pathophysiology In Nursing
NUR 3121
Hlth Assessmnt Acrss Life Span
NUR 3124
Fndtns Of Professional Nursing
NUR 3126
Mental Health Nursing
NUR 3128
Mental Health Nursing Clinical
NUR 3300
Fundamentals Nursing Practice
NUR 3302
Fundament Nursing Prac Lab/Cln
NUR 3400
Socialization To Prof Nursing
NUR 3450
Mental Hlth & Nursing Care
NUR 3452
Mental Hlth & Nursing Care Cln
NUR 3530
Study Abroad Mexico
NUR 4021
Nursing Care Of Communities
NUR 4029
Nursing Leadership & Mgt
NUR 4033
Nursing Research
NUR 4100
Intro To Nursing Research
NUR 4110
Adult Health Nursing III
NUR 4112
Adlt Hlth Nursing III Clinical
NUR 4120
Nrsng Care Fmilies Communities
NUR 4122
Nrsng Cre Fmls Cmmnts Clinical
NUR 4124
Nrsng Cr Chldbrg Fml Wmn Chdn
NUR 4127
Nrsng Cr Chldbrg Fml Wmn Chdn
NUR 4128
Leadership & Mgmt In Nursing
NUR 4130
Professional Nursing Capstone
NUR 4140
Intro Prof Nursing Synthesis
NUR 4145
Nursing Synthesis
NUR 4200
Intro To Nursing Research
NUR 4210
Nursing Research Application
NUR 5040
Theories Adv Nursing Pract
NUR 5050
Educ Theories Nurs Acad Prac
NUR 5150
Adv Health Assess Adults
NUR 5200
Pathophysiol Adv Nursing
NUR 5250
Nursing Res Evidence-Basd Prac
NUR 5600
Research Project
NUR 5715
Instr Strateg Nursing Informat
NUR 5810
Educ Tests & Measurmnt Nursing
NUR 5820
Nursing Program Devel & Eval
NUR 5999
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