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MUS 0900
Introduction To Music Theory
MUS 1000
Elements Of Mus Theory
MUS 1001
Music Theory I
MUS 1002
Music Theory II
MUS 1003
Contemporary Musicianship I
MUS 1005
Aural Skills I
MUS 1006
Aural Skills II
MUS 1007
Aural Skills I
MUS 1008
Aural Skills II
MUS 1009
Intro To Music Composition I
MUS 1028
Trumpt Trombone Euphonium Tuba
MUS 1030
Strings Class
MUS 1032
Percussion Class
MUS 1035
Flute Clarinet Saxophone
MUS 1036
Oboe Bassoon Horn
MUS 1037
Voice Class I
MUS 1038
Voice Class II
MUS 1040
Piano Class I
MUS 1041
Piano Class II
MUS 1042
Guitar Class I
MUS 1043
Guitar Class II
MUS 1045
Diction I
MUS 1046
Diction II
MUS 1052
Functional Guitar I
MUS 1053
Functional Guitar II
MUS 1100
Marching Band
MUS 1101
Symphony Band
MUS 1102
Wind Ensemble
MUS 1104
Jazz Ensemble I
MUS 1105
Appalachian Symph Orch
MUS 1107
Small Ensembles
MUS 1108
University Singers
MUS 1109
Appalachian Chorale
MUS 1110
Treble Choir
MUS 1111
Appalachian Glee Club
MUS 1112
Chamber Singers
MUS 1113
Opera Workshop
MUS 1115
MUS 1116
Percussion Ensemble
MUS 1117
Gospel Choir
MUS 1119
Flute Choir
MUS 1120
Trombone Choir
MUS 1121
Trumpet Choir
MUS 1122
Woodwind Ensemble
MUS 1123
String Ensemble
MUS 1124
Guitar Ensemble
MUS 1125
Pep Band
MUS 1126
Community Band
MUS 1127
Concert Band
MUS 1128
Jazz Vocal Ensemble
MUS 1132
Percussion Quartet
MUS 1135
Steel Band
MUS 1136
Brass Quintet
MUS 1137
Tuba Choir
MUS 1138
Collegium Musicum
MUS 1420
Intro Mus Indust Studies
MUS 1426
Audio Fundamentals
MUS 1500
Performance Seminar
MUS 2001
Music Theory III
MUS 2002
Music Theory IV
MUS 2004
MUS 2007
Aural Skills III
MUS 2008
Aural Skills IV
MUS 2009
Sacred Mus Lit & Materials
MUS 2010
Contemporary Musicianship II
MUS 2011
Exploring Music In Culture
MUS 2014
Jazz Mus In Amer Soc
MUS 2015
History Of Rock Music
MUS 2016
Appalachian Music
MUS 2018
Intro To World Music
MUS 2022
Cultvng Creative Exp Thrgh Mus
MUS 2023
Music And Gender
MUS 2024
Music Methods Clrm Tchr
MUS 2030
Instrumental Play Tech
MUS 2034
Intro To Teaching Music
MUS 2037
Voice Class III
MUS 2038
Voice Class IV
MUS 2040
Piano Class III
MUS 2041
Piano Class IV
MUS 2045
Jazz Improvisation I
MUS 2046
Jazz Piano
MUS 2050
Intro To Music Therapy
MUS 2051
Mus Therapy Clinical Skills
MUS 2070
Music In Special Education
MUS 2071
Music, Brain & Neuro Disorders
MUS 2072
MUS 2073
Form And Analysis
MUS 2420
Mus Merchandis/Entrpreneurship
MUS 2426
Music Prod & Recording I
MUS 2445
Artist Mgt & Promotion
MUS 2611
Music History And Style I
MUS 2612
Music History And Style II
MUS 2613
Survey Of Western Music
MUS 2615
Music And Propaganda
MUS 2616
Cuban Music And Culture
MUS 2901
Practicum Music Products Indus
MUS 3002
Analy Of 20Th & 21St Cent Mus
MUS 3003
Jazz/Pop Theory
MUS 3010
Service Playing
MUS 3020
MUS 3021
Instrumental Conducting
MUS 3022
Choral Conducting
MUS 3031
Band Techniques & Mtrls
MUS 3032
Choral Techniques & Literat I
MUS 3033
Orchestral Tech & Mtrls
MUS 3034
Meth For Teach Gen Music
MUS 3037
General Music Pedagogy
MUS 3038
Choral Techniques & Literat II
MUS 3039
Core Orchest Rep Bowed Strings
MUS 3040
Piano Class
MUS 3045
Jazz Improvisation II
MUS 3052
Alexander Technique
MUS 3053
Exploring Improvisation
MUS 3060
Functional Piano
MUS 3061
Funct Mus Therapy Techniques
MUS 3070
Developmental Music Therapy
MUS 3072
Models Mus Therapy Ment Hlth
MUS 3073
Mus Therapy Prac Mental Health
MUS 3421
Music Marketing
MUS 3422
Music Management
MUS 3423
Legal Issues Music Industry
MUS 3424
Record Company Administration
MUS 3425
Pract In Record Company Admin
MUS 3426
Mus Prod & Recording II
MUS 3427
Musician As Entrepreneur
MUS 3500
Independent Study
MUS 3520
Instructional Asst
MUS 3530
Instrument Repair
MUS 3531
MUS 3532
Guitar Pedagogy
MUS 3611
Music History & Style III
MUS 3631
Surv Of Song Literature
MUS 3632
Opera History & Literat
MUS 3661
Electronic Music
MUS 3900
Music Therapy Practicum
MUS 3901
Church Music Field Work
MUS 3903
Music Education Practicum
MUS 4004
Org & Phil Church Mus
MUS 4030
Band Literature
MUS 4035
Dir St Area Pedag & Lit
MUS 4060
Piano Improv Music Therapy
MUS 4061
Group Improv Music Therapy
MUS 4071
Music Therapy In Health Care
MUS 4420
Issues In Music Technology
MUS 4426
Advanced Audio Principles
MUS 4427
Record Studio Apprenticeship
MUS 4510
Honors Project In Music
MUS 4600
Analytical Techniques
MUS 4602
Music Theory Pedagogy
MUS 4610
Marching Band Techniq
MUS 4800
Clin Project Music Therapy
MUS 4900
Intern In Music Ind Studies
MUS 4901
Internship In Music Therapy
MUS 5006
Philosophy Of Music
MUS 5013
History Of Musical Style
MUS 5018
Applied Area Literature
MUS 5022
Applied Area Pedagogy
MUS 5039
Adv Orches Rep Bowed Strings
MUS 5050
Supv & Coll Tch Mus Therapy
MUS 5051
Adv Topics In Music Therapy
MUS 5060
Bonny Method Of Gim
MUS 5061
Adv Clinical Improvisation
MUS 5100
Performance Ensemble
MUS 5101
Second Performance Ensemble
MUS 5160
Conducting Seminar
MUS 5170
Prof & Schol Pract Musicians
MUS 5200
Music Therapy Lab
MUS 5500
Percussion For Music Therapist
MUS 5530
Opera Directing
MUS 5531
MUS 5532
Core Rep For Bowed Strings
MUS 5600
Analytical Techniques
MUS 5602
Music Theory Pedagogy
MUS 5900
Adv Music Therapy Pract
MUS 5995
Clinical Paper Music Therapy
MUS 5998
Master Of Music Perf Rec
MUS 5999
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