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INT 1001
Visual Literacy I
INT 1002
Visual Literacy II
INT 1100
Interior Design Studio I
INT 1300
Design Matters
INT 2001
Visual Literacy III
INT 2100
Interior Design Studio II
INT 2110
Interior Design Studio III
INT 2200
Interior Design Systems I
INT 2300
His Interior Dsgn Archit I
INT 2310
His Interior Dsgn & Arch II
INT 2400
Interior Dsgn Soph Fld St
INT 3001
Arch & Design Intern Workshop
INT 3005
Interior Design Studio IV
INT 3105
Interior Design Studio V
INT 3200
Interior Design Systems II
INT 3320
Environment & Human Behavior
INT 3500
Analyzing Arch At Beech Mtn
INT 3520
Instructional Asst
INT 3551
Technical Assistant
INT 4100
Interior Design Studio Vi
INT 4108
Studio Vii Pre-Design
INT 4110
Interior Design Studio Vii
INT 4301
Curr Issues Interior Design
INT 4320
Prof Practices In Design
INT 4330
Constr Documents & Detailing
INT 4400
Interior Dsgn Sr Fld Study
INT 4900
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