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HPE 1000
Personal And Family Health
HPE 2110
Intro Health, Phys Ed & Coach
HPE 2120
HPE 2130
Motor Behavior
HPE 2530
Fnd Of Health, Pe And Coaching
HPE 2540
Human Movement
HPE 3010
Coaching Principles
HPE 3020
Sport First Aid
HPE 3030
Sport-Specific Coaching
HPE 3040
Princ Fitness & Conditioning
HPE 3100
Emergency Care And Cpr
HPE 3210
Community & School Health
HPE 3220
Instructional Systems
HPE 3230
Assessment In Health & Phys Ed
HPE 3240
Behavioral Health Education
HPE 3530
Sports First Aid
HPE 3556
How Children Move:Elem Educ
HPE 3645
Health Educ In Elementa School
HPE 4002
Psycholog Aspects Sport
HPE 4310
Elementary Physical Education
HPE 4320
Nutrition & Health-Related Fit
HPE 4330
Sports And Activities I
HPE 4340
Sports And Activities II
HPE 4350
Sexuality & Sexual Health Ed
HPE 4410
Adapted Physical Education
HPE 4420
Pe Practicum
HPE 4430
Health And Phys Educ Methods
HPE 4440
Health Education Methods
HPE 4650
Drug Education And Prevention
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