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HPC 2200
Life & Career Planning
HPC 2700
Principles Of Leadership
HPC 3500
Peer Leadership
HPC 3520
Instructional Asst
HPC 3533
Women And Leadership
HPC 3534
Stu Athlete Identity/Higher Ed
HPC 3537
Leadership And Ethics
HPC 3539
Leadership For Social Change
HPC 3541
Peer Leadership
HPC 3542
Multicultural Leadership
HPC 3700
Appl Ldrship Dev St Orgn
HPC 4300
Adv Student Ldrship Dev
HPC 4570
The Addictive Process
HPC 4700
Capstone Sem In Leadership
HPC 5110
Multicultural Counseling
HPC 5120
Introd Clinicl Mntl Hlth Couns
HPC 5130
Women'S Issues In Counsl
HPC 5140
Psychol & Educ Testing
HPC 5190
Help Sk Student Aff Prac
HPC 5210
Life & Career Planning
HPC 5220
Counsel Theo & Techniq
HPC 5225
The Helping Relationship
HPC 5270
Theo Marr & Fam Therapy I
HPC 5271
Theo Marr & Fam Therapy II
HPC 5272
Individual & Family Developmnt
HPC 5274
Subst Abuse Fam Systems
HPC 5310
Intro Prof Schl Counseling
HPC 5340
Resrch In Stu Affairs Admin
HPC 5380
Coll Students & Environ
HPC 5410
Intro To Student Affairs
HPC 5440
St Affairs & Great Outdoors
HPC 5441
Hist Persp On Coll Student Sup
HPC 5500
Sista Circles
HPC 5530
Art Making As Inquiry Exp Arts
HPC 5531
Inclsv Therapy Lgbtq Popltns
HPC 5536
Seminar In College Teaching
HPC 5543
Seminar In College Teaching
HPC 5560
The Addictive Process
HPC 5570
Couns Addicted Person
HPC 5751
Ethics & Law In Stu Affairs
HPC 5752
Lgl & Ethcl Iss Cln Hlth Cnslg
HPC 5753
Legal & Eth Iss Mar Fam Ther
HPC 5754
Legal & Eth Iss Prof Sch Cou
HPC 5790
Group Meth & Processes
HPC 5820
College Sdnt Dev Theories
HPC 5821
Social Justice And Inclusion
HPC 5860
Dreamwork: Clinical Methods
HPC 5870
Creative Proc, Movemn & Ther
HPC 5900
Counseling Practicum
HPC 5989
Graduate Research
HPC 6120
Dev Assessmt Diag Counseling
HPC 6160
Gestalt Therapy
HPC 6270
Marr Fam Coun: Clin Iss
HPC 6272
Marital & Couples Therapy
HPC 6280
Assmnt/Diag Mar Fam Ther
HPC 6290
Child & Adolesc Therapy
HPC 6330
Assmnt Prog Eval Stu Aff
HPC 6340
HPC 6350
HPC 6355
Mindfulness Based Counseling
HPC 6360
Therapy & Expressive Art
HPC 6370
Intermodal Expressive Arts
HPC 6380
Therapeutic Writing
HPC 6390
Current Issues/Ea
HPC 6410
Student Affairs Administration
HPC 6500
Body, Mind & Earth
HPC 6525
Adv Systemic Multicul Counsel
HPC 6530
Expressive Arts Institute
HPC 6620
Schl-Based Consultation
HPC 6710
Human Sexuality
HPC 6730
Sexual Abuse Counseling
HPC 6900
Cmhc Internship
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