HIS 1600 - Migration in World History

This course examines the role of human migration in world history. Starting with “peopling the planet” and using topics such as language diversity, diaspora, colonization and immigration, students will explore the dispersal of people, plants, animals, diseases, as well as cultural and technological diffusion. The emphasis is on evaluation of primary and secondary sources, development of analytical skills, and application of methods used in comparative histories clustered around these themes. Students have a semester long project of preparing their own family history that entails using data bases, oral interviews, and narrative writing that puts their own “local” history into the “global” context of the main events of the past century. NOTE: HIS 1600 DOES NOT COUNT TOWARD THE REQUIREMENTS FOR A HISTORY MAJOR OR MINOR. History THE COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES 169
Core Social Sciences and Core Multi Cultural Designator and Gen Ed Designation-His Studies and Loc to Global-Origins & Migrat
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