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HIS 1101
World Civilization I
HIS 1102
World Civilization II
HIS 1110
History And Culture
HIS 1120
Society And History
HIS 1130
Themes In Global History
HIS 1200
American History
HIS 1400
World Empires
HIS 1501
Revltn & Socl Chgn Wrld Hist
HIS 1600
Migration In World History
HIS 1700
The Making Of Europe
HIS 2101
The World Since 1945
HIS 2150
Animals, People, And History
HIS 2201
Sur Amer Civ To 1876
HIS 2204
Sur Amer Civ Since 1876
HIS 2300
Intro Holocaust & Judaic Stds
HIS 2301
Hist Of Colonial Latin America
HIS 2302
Hist Of Modern Latin America
HIS 2312
Int Ancient Mediterranean Wrld
HIS 2313
The Middle Ages
HIS 2314
European History 1348 To 1799
HIS 2315
European Hist 1789 To Present
HIS 2320
East Asian History: To 1600
HIS 2340
Modern East Asia
HIS 2421
Hist Of Africa To 1850
HIS 2422
His Of Africa Since 1850
HIS 2500
Intro To Marx's Capital Vol. I
HIS 2525
The Americans: Cultural Hist
HIS 2800
Writing History
HIS 3122
Classic Greece Hellenist Wrld
HIS 3124
Roman Republic
HIS 3125
Rise Of The Roman Empire
HIS 3136
Spain From 1469 To Present
HIS 3141
Britain To 1688
HIS 3143
Medieval Ireland
HIS 3144
The Vikings
HIS 3145
Experiencing The Middle Ages
HIS 3146
Medieval Warfare
HIS 3148
Making Of British Democracy
HIS 3151
Comp Genocide 20Th Century
HIS 3152
Nazi Germany:Hist And Posthist
HIS 3154
Holocaust: Interpr & Memory
HIS 3156
Hist International Terrorism
HIS 3158
Ethnic Conflict: East Vs West
HIS 3210
Poverty: Theory & Practice
HIS 3222
Colonial America
HIS 3224
Antebellum America
HIS 3226
The U.S. Civil War
HIS 3227
His Us Reconstructn 1863-1877
HIS 3228
Gilded Age Prog Era
HIS 3229
World War II
HIS 3230
Recent Us History
HIS 3232
Contemp Us Political History
HIS 3233
History Of The American West
HIS 3237
Nature Wilderness Amer Life
HIS 3238
America's National Parks
HIS 3239
Country Music American Culture
HIS 3240
Race, Rock & Rebellion
HIS 3243
Hist American Popular Culture
HIS 3301
History Of The Southern Cone
HIS 3303
History Of Mexico
HIS 3304
The Mexican Revolution
HIS 3306
Indigenous Resist Mod Lat Amer
HIS 3308
U.S.-Latin American Relations
HIS 3310
Sports And Making Of Americas
HIS 3322
History Of Modern China
HIS 3330
Intro To Africana Studies
HIS 3332
History Of Modern India
HIS 3335
His Mid East Muhammad Pres
HIS 3336
The Revolut Middle East
HIS 3339
Afri Environ Hist Since 1500
HIS 3340
Afro-Atlantic Material Culture
HIS 3345
Modern African History
HIS 3350
African American History
HIS 3420
His West Medicine Pub Hlth
HIS 3421
History Of Modern France
HIS 3422
Women In European History
HIS 3423
Women In American History
HIS 3424
History Of Women & Law
HIS 3500
Mandel Historical Perspective
HIS 3510
History Of Pentecostalism
HIS 3524
World Economic History
HIS 3530
Cultural Landscapes
HIS 3531
Braveheart: Scotland 1300-2017
HIS 3532
Britain And The Great Powers
HIS 3533
Polish-Jewish Relations
HIS 3534
Imagined Sixties In Us Cinema
HIS 3535
The History Of Marriage
HIS 3536
Land Of Free Home Of Slave
HIS 3537
Women & Families In Amer. West
HIS 3538
Colonial Latin America
HIS 3539
Modern Africa Since 1945
HIS 3540
Hist Of Disability In America
HIS 3542
Late Antiquity
HIS 3545
Gaming History
HIS 3548
Afro-Atlantic Material Culture
HIS 3549
Race Rel & Afro-Atlntc World
HIS 3575
Public History: Intro To Field
HIS 3576
Educ In Museums & Public Hist
HIS 3600
Digital History
HIS 3626
Intro To Secondary History Ed
HIS 3628
Issues Teaching World History
HIS 3630
Teaching Hist With New Media
HIS 3634
Teaching Controversy In Histor
HIS 3720
History Of The Old South
HIS 3726
Hist Appalach Region
HIS 3728
Hist Of North Carolina
HIS 3820
Us Foreign Policy
HIS 3822
The Vietnam War
HIS 3823
American Military History
HIS 3824
American Urban Hist
HIS 3922
West Intellectual Trad
HIS 3923
Truth In Hist & Truth Of Hist
HIS 4100
Senior Seminar
HIS 4509
Senior Honors Research
HIS 4510
Senior Honors Thesis
HIS 4900
Intern: Exp Lrn Pub & Ap
HIS 5000
Varieties & Meth Of History
HIS 5106
Readings Sem European His
HIS 5107
Research Sem European His
HIS 5206
Readings Sem Amer History
HIS 5207
Research Sem In Amer History
HIS 5209
Research Seminr Appalachn Hist
HIS 5306
Rdgs Sem Latin Amer History
HIS 5400
Grant Writing
HIS 5460
World His: Concept & Content
HIS 5500
Whiggery And Unionism In N.C.
HIS 5575
Intro To Public History
HIS 5576
Cultural Resource Mgt
HIS 5577
Historical Documentation
HIS 5578
Architectural History
HIS 5579
Oral History
HIS 5580
Studies In Material Culture
HIS 5586
Intro To His Preservation
HIS 5587
Phil Of Historic Preservation
HIS 5595
Digital History
HIS 5610
Management Of Museums
HIS 5640
Interpretation In Museums
HIS 5650
Museum Education
HIS 5900
Internship In History
HIS 5989
Graduate Research
HIS 5998
Thesis Research
HIS 5999
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