FER 4100 - Wine Production and Analysis

Wine production and analysis will lead students through the processing of grapes from the vine to the bottle. Lectures will provide an overview of the winemaking process and the scientific principles associated with each step including microbiology, biochemistry, chemistry, and standard equipment and instrumentation used in the process. The fundamental aspects of berry composition, fermentation kinetics, sanitation, aging and bottling will be discussed. Students will have hands-on experience with micro-scale fermentations and standard laboratory analysis of fruit, must and finished wines. Field trips will include visits to local vineyards and wineries to provide relevant exposure to facilities and the winemaking process. Lecture three hours, laboratory three hours. Prerequisites: CHE 2210 and CHE 2211. (ND Prerequisite: passing the math placement test or successful completion of MAT 0010.)
Core Cross Disciplinary Design and Core Numerical Data Designator and Core Writing Designator
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