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CI 1010
So You Think You Want To Teach
CI 2000
Nature And Youth
CI 2001
Educ & Eastern Band Cherokee
CI 2010
Narrative, New Media & Gaming
CI 2250
Education As Pract Of Freedom
CI 2300
Teaching Learning Digital Age
CI 2350
Critical Media Literacy
CI 3000
Learner Div:Tch Eng Lang Lrn
CI 3030
Invest Math & Learning
CI 3060
Soc Studies In Mid Grade
CI 3100
Tchg H S Social Studies
CI 3110
Social Studies Elem Sch
CI 3400
Policies Prctices Ed Assessmnt
CI 3500
Adv Audio Documentary Prod
CI 3530
Sem On Teacher Leaderships
CI 3531
Seminar On Teacher Leaderships
CI 3535
A Glimpse Of Culture & Issues
CI 3536
Build It!
CI 3552
Environmntl Litercy 21 Century
CI 3553
Issues Lang Cult In Pub Schls
CI 3554
Invest Past Present Exp Child
CI 3555
Seeing World Thru Mathematics
CI 3556
Children At Risk
CI 3557
Build It! Desgn Tec Elem Steam
CI 3750
Integ Media/Tech Into Teach
CI 3900
Middle Grades Internship
CI 3910
Middle Level Education
CI 3920
Teaching Young Adolescents
CI 4000
Elem Schl Curr & Instr
CI 4020
Tchg Physical Education
CI 4030
Tchg Math In Elem School
CI 4040
Math In Middle Grades
CI 4085
Tchg H S Mathematics
CI 4300
Lit, Lang, Culture In Mid Grad
CI 4401
Mthds Of Elem Science Tchng
CI 4450
Sem Mid Gr: Portfolio Exhib
CI 4480
Middle Grades Classroom Mgmt
CI 4490
M Gr Curr, Instr & Assessment
CI 4552
Advanced Video Production
CI 4740
Photography & Digital Imag
CI 4770
Interm Photo & Digit Imag
CI 4810
Intro To Sight & Sound
CI 4825
Non-Fiction Film And Video
CI 4830
Media Literacy
CI 4835
Media: Image, Influence & Iden
CI 4840
Video Production And Story
CI 4860
Audio Documentary Production
CI 4900
Student Teaching
CI 5041
Assess Improve Learn Inf Teach
CI 5045
Advanced Topics In Diversity
CI 5050
Supv Of Instruction
CI 5055
Designing Stu-Cent Curr & Inst
CI 5060
Curriculum Planning
CI 5075
Adv Study Elementary Schl Sci
CI 5080
Adv Study Elem Schl Socl Stud
CI 5130
Recent Trends & Issues In Ed
CI 5200
Multi-Media/Image Produc
CI 5310
New Media & Emerg Literacies
CI 5340
Cult Sust Pedag For Bilingual
CI 5500
Advanced Multimedia Production
CI 5525
Product Of Learning
CI 5530
Educ Regulations & Policies
CI 5550
Success Schls Young Adolescent
CI 5585
Tchr Ldrshp & Schl Improv
CI 5591
Adv Curr Design Elem Ed
CI 5630
Instructional Technology
CI 5643
Adv Product & Portfolio
CI 5650
Mid Level Inst & Assessment
CI 5740
Photography & Digit Imag
CI 5750
Teach Diverse Yng Adolescents
CI 5835
Media Influence & Id Cultures
CI 5845
Global Persp Media & Technolgy
CI 5850
Middle Level Curriculum
CI 5880
Educ Regulations & Policies
CI 5900
CI 5921
Instructional Design
CI 5923
Geo & Spatial Vis: K-5 Assess
CI 6050
Critical Persp & Res New Media
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