BIO 4575 - Ecotoxicology

GEN ED: Capstone Experience This course introduces the various classes of toxicants, their fate within organisms and ecosystems, and the chemical transformations and mechanisms of toxicity. This course will also introduce students to standard lab and field toxicity tests, analysis of toxicity and quantification of toxins, data reduction and analysis, and the power of statistical analyses to identify significant effects. A case study approach will be utilized in lecture and labs to examine the toxic effects of heavy metals, organic compounds, insecticides, and environmental endocrine disrupters. Students will learn about important endpoints and bio-indicators of toxin exposure specific to each class of toxin and how they are used in ecological risk assessment. A service-learning component of the course will require students to conduct group toxicology projects with a local community partner. Lecture three hours, laboratory three hours with some required field trips. Prerequisites: Biology core courses (BIO 1801 and BIO 1802), one semester of organic chemistry, junior level writing in the discipline (WID) course, and senior standing. [Dual-listed with BIO 5575.] Dual-listed courses require senior standing; juniors may enroll with permission of the department.
Gen Ed Capstone Experience and Dual-Listed Undergrad Course and Service Learning
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