BIO 1204 - Biology in Society I Laboratory

GEN ED: Science Inquiry Perspective (Themes: “Biology in Society”) This course is offered only under special circumstances to students who require a one-credit hour lab course primarily to satisfy the eight-credit hour requirement of the Biology in Society theme in the General Education Science Inquiry perspective. In this course, students will complete one-half of BIO 1203, specifically the in-lab exercises that examine current research projects in the ASU Biology Department. This course maps to the lecture course BIO 1201. Students who require a one-credit hour lab course that maps to the BIO 1202 lecture course should take BIO 1205. Students who require a two-credit hour lab course should take BIO 1203. Students may take either BIO 1204 or BIO 1205 but not both. The combination of BIO 1204 and BIO 1205 is not an acceptable substitute for BIO 1203, and this combination will not count for BIO 1203 credit. Please contact the General Biology Program Director for assistance with registration. (ND Prerequisite: passing the math placement test or successful completion of MAT 0010.)
Science Inq-Biology In Society
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